What vaccination does my pet need to board with you?

For dogs it’s a minimum C5 vaccine, for cats it’s a minimum F3 vaccine

Do you exercise dogs together?

Only if they are from the same family, we generally do not mix dogs together that don’t know each other

What do you feed them?

For dogs it’s a mixture of premium dry food and wet, we also have chicken and rice for fussy dogs. For cats we feed we have a large selection of wet food as cats can be quite fussy, plus they are fed a premium dry food. If you want your pet to remain consistent in their diet, you are welcome to bring your own food at no extra cost

Do you take aggressive dogs?

If your dog has a bite history, unfortunately we cannot accommodate for this due to the safety of our staff

Where does my dog sleep?

All our kennels are indoors and all accommodation is air conditioned in Summer

Do you take all breeds of dogs?

YES! We are not breed specific, however some breeds must be housed separately even if they live in the same house

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